Welcome to the Iyengar family.

With utmost gratitude to our ancestors, we have followed their legacy; To do whatever we do with full integrity, passion and honesty. The age old rich tradition and values that are embibed in us, makes us who we are as people and as society.
To spread love and compassion though your work is our teaching.
Being in the business of hospitality, we believe making food is one of the most soulful ways to experience joy and love. Serving food is celebrating life everyday with different flavours. To serve freshly made food to our guests, is a feeling words can't explain. A tradition we have kept true to, since generations.
People Who eat together, stay together. That's what makes us one big family.
Vasudev Kutumbh!

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A Brief History

Iyengar community started it's first ever Iyengar bakery way back in 1898. Most of the Iyengar Bakeries you see are owned by Iyengars, who are from Hassan and Surrounding villages in Karnataka, South India which served only simple traditional sweets. An Englishman from the iconic West End Hotel was a regular at that sweet shop.

He taught the owner how to bake bread during the 1890s and that's how his family got into the baking business. A lot of Iyengars followed by opening many bakeries. With time many left their homelands and migrated while few stayed back. But they all maintained the word 'Iyengar' which represented their community.

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At Shri Ganeshji's Iyengar Bakery and Restaurant, we not only serve traditional Iyengar Bakery items, but also a variety of South Indian fast food along with fresh juices and milkshakes. We open at 7.30am and wind up by 11.30pm. An all day dining place where one can experience a wide range of genuine Bengaluru flavours.

Authentic Bengaluru Flavours!

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The mission is simple: to serve delicious food that will make guests want to return to week after week.

  • Shop No, 3, Veera Desai Road, Mhada Colony, Azad Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058


We accept reservations. call us on the below number

  • tel: 022 2673 0333
  • tel: +91-9833340500

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In today’s fast and hectic lifestyle we often forget about ourselves. We take our health for granted. Most of our health issues occur because of our food intake.

IWe believe healthy and hygenic food is the most important to function at your best. Good healthy food boosts energy and helps keep your immune system strong. Every organisations’ strength is it’s people, and if their people are fit, the company is fit.

IWhen it comes to Shri Ganeshji’s Iyengar Bakery & Restaurant, there is no compromise on the quality of food that is served. Hence we see a great opportunity to collaborate with you and bring to you our services in catering and kitchen management.

IWe are completely equipped with professionally trained staff to manage and run a corporate office kitchen / canteen and have the expertise to cater to corporate parties and weddings with a live counter bringing you the authentic flavours from Bengaluru.

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The mission is simple: to serve delicious food that will make guests want to return to week after week.

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7:45 pm - 10:30 pm

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